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Family and marriage is an important factor in society today. A good family structure is able to shape children’s lives as they transition from childhood to adulthood, however a poor family structure could be the downfall of many children in today’s society. Many factors contribute to the characteristics of a good and poor family structure such as marriage life, economic status, and who we interact with. These factors allow us to be able to understand how and why certain behaviors are acted in particular situations. Marriage life greatly contributes to exceptional family structures in today’s society. The article entitled “Married vs. Single Moms: Who Gets the Better Deal?” by Stephanie Wood, Jackie Spinelli, and Patty Onderko examines what…show more content…
The article entitled “Associations Between Family Structure Change and Child Behavior Problems: The Moderating Effect of Family Income” by Rebecca Ryan, Anna Markowitz, and Amy Claessens gives statistical background of the effects of family structure on child behavior at an early age. In this article, Ryan, Markowitz, and Claessens thoroughly analyze the behaviors of children whom live in different situations from one another to examine that outcomes of the childrens behavior. In order to determine these calculations, they studied children with divorced parents, with stepparents, and with parents from lower and higher income. The study showed that children with divorce parents are more liable to have behavioral problems than children with married parents who have higher incomes. The study also shows that people with lower income tend to become less supportive and spend less time with children while having strained relationships with his or her significant other (Ryan, Markowitz, Claessens…show more content…
Single Moms: Who Gets the Better Deal?”, it states that some women believe that children need two parents and not one. Children need at least one parent to nurture and genuinely care for them. However, it will be more difficult to raise a child with one parent. There is instability in the household, and stress could become a major factor in the child’s life due to the parent not being able to attain order and stability for the child. Married women in this article also state that marriage is hard and that they wish they were single sometimes. Of course marriage is hard. Every marriage is going to have disagreements and fights, but that does not mean a person should break up with the person. This particular situation is what is shown in society today. Some parents nowadays do not want to fix what is broken. They would rather move on to better conveniences without thinking about the circumstances and the effects of their actions. These actions could affect his or her child’s behaviors or certain people close to

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