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The career that I have chosen to do my research on is Dentistry which falls in the career pathway of Health Science. Dentistry falls under the Therapeutic Services part of the pathway. Dentists diagnose gum and teeth diseases and they try to treat them to make them better. They try to teach patients how to take care of their teeth better. Dentists have the ability to put people on anesthesia to help the patients not feel pain when they get teeth pulled and stuff like that. My career choice of Dentistry relates to my Interests Assessment very well because my top pathway is Health Informatics and dentistry falls in that pathway. For my Skills Assessment it is pretty much the same ordeal as my Interest Assessment. Health Informatics is the top career pathway for that assessment and density falls in it. For my Work Value Assessment having a high income was at the top of my list and being a dentist will give me that opportunity. Prestige and Workplace are the other two categories after Income on my list. Being a dentist's would give me a good feeling that people are proud of me. After completing a job I would feel accomplished if I helped the patient feel better. For Workplace it would be easy to have a comfortable workplace because you are in charge of the place if you work there. I would have control over what furniture is their and who works in my office if I owned a place.…show more content…
dental school takes about four years to complete as well. They have to then take tests to get their dental license and then they can start their practices. The college that I prefer for my undergraduate is UNL which is located in Lincoln and the average cost is $26,000 yearly. After that I will try to get into UNL’s dental school for my upper graduate degree it is going to be about $28,698 per year and is still located in

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