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It's important for any high school student to have an idea or plan of what they want to pursue in the near future. Most students want to go into the medical field, become a professional athlete, a lawyer, etc. Many talk about becoming a dentist, but not a dental assistant. Simply because they feel like it's not that big of a title of being a dental assistant as compared to a dentist. Little do they know dental assistants play a big role as well in the office. A dental assistant does many tasks and duties that help benefit the dentist and also the patients. The duties of a dental assistant vary from what state or dental office they are employed in but most of the time, their duties are the same throughout any office. They are among the most…show more content…
The education requirements vary depending where you are, but typically it vary from a high school diploma to the completion of a postsecondary training program. There are no formal education requirements for entering this career and some high school students have even went from their diploma straight to on-the-job training. Although, postsecondary dental assisting programs offer more comprehensive career training. Dental assisting programs are typically 1-year diploma or certificate programs that tend to focus more on technical training through classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction. Some community colleges also offer 2-year associate's degree programs which combine general education, technical training, and more extensive clinical practicums. Licensure and/or certification might be required by some states. Some states allow dental assistants to perform all duties assigned by a dentist but in other states they must obtain licensure or registration to perform certain duties. Obtaining the licensure vary in states as well. Some may include completing an accredited postsecondary program or may have to pass a written or practical exam, which could be required. Most dental assistants maintain licensure by earning continuing education at state-specified intervals. To get the certification, The Dental Assisting National Board offers the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA®) certification which was

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