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Periodontitis, also known as periodontal disease, is a common and severe gum disease that damages the gums, ligaments, and bone surrounding the teeth (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). The gums and ligaments become infected and die due to exposure of bacteria and other pathogens. As the infection worsens, the teeth are more exposed below the crown. Below the crown a tooth is the root. It does not have much enamel compared to the crown because it does not normally come in contact with food or caries-creating material. It contains the dentin and the nerve and blood supply for the tooth. As periodontitis worsens and spreads, advanced decay occurs and gives the teeth a deep yellow, brown, or black appearance where the gums cover in a healthy person.…show more content…
There are many factors and causes to periodontitis. Some people are genetically predisposed to the disease. Their family history may have included other oral diseases or periodontal disease itself. Smoking is a large source of poor tooth health due to the chemicals that come in contact with the inside of the mouth. Smoking also decreases the amount of blood supply, making the gums malnourished. Another source is poor home health. This includes not flossing the recommended once per day or brushing twice per day. Both of these actions help decrease the amount of plaque and bacteria that negatively affect the teeth. Flossing and brushing regularly also improve gum health: the gums are less sensitive and stiffer, which helps block particles from reaching around the root. Age is a large contributor to this disease. Older people’s teeth have been used for decades, brushed many times wearing away the gums, and may have been treated hundreds of times for decay. Some elders may not have gone to a dentist, also contributing to poor dental and oral health. Diabetes also plays a role: increased risk of infection could allow the gums to become infected. Diets containing lots of sugar and acids take their toll on the mouth. The acids create holes in the teeth. This decay can easily spread to the rest of the tooth and other teeth if proper brushing techniques are not used.…show more content…
Typically, the infection occurs in people after 30 years old, often much later in life. The most basic way to suspect poor dental health is persistent bad breath. This indicates disease, poor dental health, or decay. Swollen, red gums, sensitive, or bloody gums are a sign of irritated or infected gums. Painful chewing and sensitive teeth indicate nerve exposure. Because the nerve is exposure, either there is a fracture or decay. Loose teeth are a sign that the ligaments have a poor hold on the teeth and the gums are most likely affected too. This is a sign of more advanced periodontal disease. Receding gums and teeth that appear longer are signs that indicate more advanced disease. The receding gums could have been due to brush too hard or the effects of decay. Teeth that look longer are the teeth that show their roots. The gums have worn away and the roots are exposed (NIDCR,

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