Essay On Cultural Competence In Nursing Care

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Nurses take a holistic approach to the delivery of patient- and family-centered care and, in doing so, the nurse plays several roles to address the different needs of the patient. Advocating for all the patient’s, as well as their caregivers’, needs to be met should always be incorporated into the provision of quality nursing care. (Walker et al., 2015). Applying the concept of advocacy to the delivery of nursing care is a key element of this author’s professional foundation. Consequently, this author will advocate for his patient’s rights to autonomy, privacy, and justice. Likewise, this author will continue to advocate for inclusion of the patient and his or her family in making decisions about the patient’s course of treatment.
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Cultural competence as a concept is broad and inclusive of areas that go beyond race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and belief system. An approach to the care of patients should also take into account the values that the patient wishes to adhere to when receiving care. Being culturally competent extends to respecting religious traditions, family hierarchy, personal space, and end-of-life matters. Attempts at cultural brokerage can be made to educate patients while being cognizant that our model of care and interventions do not supersede the patient’s cultural values. (Dreachslin, Gilbert, & Malone,…show more content…
An example of the implementation of cultural competence into practice is when a male patient declines to take his prescribed antihypertensive medications because of the perceived damage to his masculinity. This author has experienced cases in which the patient claims to understand the risks of uncontrolled hypertension; and yet, the patient has stated that he would rather face an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack rather than compromise his sexual function. In such cases, an understanding

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