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For the past 10 years, obesity has become an epidemic. Not only adults are obese but children as well. The number of children with obesity keeps increasing each year. There are children being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and other serious health problems due to their obesity. Some experts are predicting that obesity will became the number one leading cause of premature death, instead of tobacco. There are many ways to prevent obesity in children and is up to the parent, to provide their children with healthier food options.
Obesity has not only targeted children of a certain age group but at this time obesity is in all ages including preschooler. The statistics taken by The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey have shown that children with obesity are from non-Hispanic black and Hispanic ethicists. Obesity could be lead by many reasons, since very one’s body is not the same. According to the nutrition examination survey obesity is associated with “negative physical and mental health consequences”.
Doctors become concern when they see a child with obesity because in some cases the obesity continues to adulthood. According, to the book “Our overweight children” it is hard for a doctor to diagnose a child is obesity, even though the child is over the weight that he or she should be. Diagnosing a child with obesity could jeopardize his or her health. Since every child grows differently the doctor would need to determine if he or she believe that they health of the child would be at risk for future health problems. If a child if wrongly put on a diet then he or she would not be getting the proper nutrients to develop healthier. There are some people that believe that is wrong doing if they put a child on a diet differen...

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...ercentage points in the fraction of students in a class who are obese relative to the presence of a fast food restaurant at 0.25 miles”. Having a fast food restaurant so close to their school has played a big part of their weight gain. Yes I have to agree that people do live a very busy life but I do too. A lot of parents believe that cooking a home cook meal will take hours, but in fact it could take the same amount of time as if they would go to a fast food restaurant.

Living with diabetes is very hard for an adult so we could only imagine how hard it has to be for child. As a child you crave sugars something that as a diabetic cannot have. The best way to prevent our children from becoming obese is providing them with healthy meals. After all how wants to see their children sick and especially with an illness that could be with them for the rest of their lives.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that obesity has become an epidemic in the past 10 years. not only adults are obese, but children are also obese.
  • Explains that obesity has targeted children of a certain age group and at this time obesity is in all ages including preschooler. the national health and nutrition examination survey has shown that children with obesity are from non-hispanic black and hispanic ethicists.
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