Essay On Artificial Intelligence System

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Artificial intelligence systems have become popular in discourse within the information technology community. Artificial intelligence or AI can be seen as a futuristic form of technology that many people are scared of. Especially when movies such as I Robot, the terminator, the matrix, ex machina, blade runner, bicentennial man, Tron, robocop, etcetera, have represented artificial intelligence systems in a way that it lessens fear. But this new form of technology has been paving way for technology of the future. Artificial intelligence systems have allowed us to create technology that does not need humans to control them or enter data. Instead, these systems are able to run for the most part by themselves. For this paper, I will be discussing…show more content…
With the computer came video games and chat rooms. Within video games, users were able to play against the computer. Within chat rooms, one could choose to talk to a “robot”. For example, with AOL Instant Messenger or AIM, the user had the option of talking to smart bot, which was an artificial intelligence system that responded to instant messages sent through AOL Instant Messenger. In the early 2000s, interactive robot pets became available in stores. Today, artificial intelligence systems have been advanced as far as creating drones that are able to fly on their own, to the beginning of creating robots that will make human facial expressions. We find most robots working for people in industries, factories, warehouses, and laboratories. Robots are useful in many ways. With artificial intelligence systems though, there are many concerns. To begin, we have to first discuss the legal and ethical concerns of this technology. When discussing the legal and ethical issues concerning artificial intelligence systems, we have to break down what these systems these can be used for. For example, control rooms, weapons, video games, etcetera. In certain circumstances, the legality and ethical issues concerning these systems may not be…show more content…
For the civilian, there’s no reason to lose sleep over scary robots. We have no technology that is remotely close to superintelligence.
Then again, many of the largest corporations in the world are deeply invested in making their computers more intelligent; a true AI would give any one of these companies an unbelievable advantage. They also should be attuned to its potential downsides and figuring out how to avoid them. Obviously these concerns have come from Hollywood, but they need to be taken very seriously by scientists and those creating and pushing for artificial intelligence systems. In my conclusion, as can be seen, the legal and ethical, security, and social concerns are all interlinked. To solve one concern in any of these areas involving artificial intelligence systems means we have to look at all concerns. They fear the possible loss of their jobs, and they fear how these systems will be used. As a result, we (humans) consistently overreact to new technologies. Our default, evolutionary response to new things that we don’t understand is to fear the worst. Nowadays, the fear is promulgated by a flood of dystopian Hollywood
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