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The topic i’m doing is ancient Egypt including the location, timeframe, government, economy, society, religion, and the achievements of ancient Egypt. Egypt’s location is in Africa along the Nile river at the time people called Egypt “the gift on the Nile”. In the sun-drenched land of Egypt, the chief god was the sun god. During the old kingdom Egyptians worshipped a sun god named Re(ray). Most Egyptian related more to the god Osiris and the goddess Isis, whose story touched human emotions such as love and jealousy. According to mythology, Osiris ruled Egypt until his jealous brother, set killed him. Osiris wife, Isis, saved him she reassembled his body and brought him back to life. Because Osiris could no longer rule over the living, he became …show more content…

Despite their many rights and opportunities, few women learned to read and write. Even if they did, they were excluded from becoming scribes or holding government jobs. Learned scribes played a central role in Egyptian society. Some kept records of ceremonies, taxes, and gifts. Others served government officials or the pharaoh. Scribes also acquired skills in mathematics, medicine, and engineering. With skill and luck, a scribe from a poor family might become rich and powerful. Like people in other early civilizations, the ancient Egyptians developed writing. In fact, they developed multiple writing systems. The first was hieroglyphics, a system in which symbols or pictures called hieroglyphs represent objects, concepts, or sounds. The Egyptians used hieroglyphs to record important economic, administrative, and royal carved hieroglyphs in stone. The ancient Egyptians accumulated a vast store of knowledge in fields such as medicine, astronomy, and mathematics. Like most doctors until recent times, Egyptian physicians believed in various kinds of magic. However, they learned a great deal about the human body through their knowledge of mummification. They also became skilled at observing symptoms, diagnosing illnesses, and finding cures. Egyptian priest-astronomers studied the heavens, mapping constellations and charting the movements of the planets. With this knowledge, they developed a calendar

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