Ancient Egypt Essay

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The ancient period had been of a great interest to today’s scientists, mathematicians, and even archaeologists. What we use or see now: the formulas in sciences and mathematics, some structures such as the pyramids, and even the calendar may be the products of the olden time. To find the birth of these, let us trace back time starting from 3000 BC: First dynasty of Egypt -The first mortal ruler of Egypt was its unifier Menes because Menes had unified the divided Egypt. He, Menes, had made Memphis the capital of Egypt according to the Greek historian Herodotus and Menes made it possible by blocking the Nile River so that they could regain land for the city. Having the first mortal, the Egyptians had started their first dynasty. -During the first dynasty of Egypt, the primitive form of paper, the papyrus was invented. Therefore as a result the government used it as a device to input the laws they make. As a justification to the invention of the papyrus, some artefacts about it were found. (Egyptian Dynasties) The Great Pyramid -Pyramids were made to serve as a burial place for a pharaoh. The pyramids’ insides were to be following some constellations because stars are connected to the pharaohs since the pharaohs are divine. Cheop’s Pyramid -The largest pyramid was Khufu’s Pyramid or Cheop’s Pyramid. It is said that its inside follows the constellation Orion. (The Great Pyramid c.a. 2600 BC) Isis -Isis is a goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility from Ancient Egypt. (Isis) . Osiris -The cult of Osiris had been continued all over the Egyptian history. Prayers and spells were addressed to him because it was said that he will give ble... ... middle of paper ... ...nasties. (n.d.). Retrieved from Discovering Egypt: Historical Numeration System. (n.d.). Retrieved from Isis. (n.d.). Retrieved from Isis: Osiris. (n.d.). Retrieved from Scribes. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Great Pyramid c.a. 2600 BC. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Hieratic Script. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Tablet House: A Scribal School in Old Babylonian Nippur. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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