Female Rape Victims

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A Maternalistic Victimology

In late March of 2005, emails and text messages began to spread of a very serious and new crime tactic used by rapists. There were many variations to the content of the emails and text messages, but the overall message was the same. Apparently, a woman upon leaving her place of work came upon a crying child on the road. When she asked the child what happened, the child replied, “I am lost. Can you take me home please?” Non-suspecting of any foul play she took the child to the address. The woman awoke the next day in an empty house, naked covered in semen with many condoms thrown around the room. What is worse is that she had no recollection of what had occurred the night before. (“Example 2.” Rapist Luring Victims with Crying Baby).
To those who are easily influenced on issues without definite proof of the legitimacy of the issue, this Facebook chain message would be viewed as factual. In all actuality, this message is false (Snopes). The article in all its falsity rings true because there is a possibility that it could actually occur. Has it happened already? No, at least there has yet to be a case reported. The piece persuades its audience to share the post by conveying mass hysteria and extreme caution brought up by the story being retold.
The first sentence of Excerpt #1informs the reader who is sending out the warning giving it an official tone. What makes this sentence stand out is the fact that an actual county, who is sending out this warning, was never named. “This is from the County Sheriff Department . . . (“Example 1”. Rapist Luring Victims with Crying Baby).” the writer was counting on the emotion of mass hysteria amongst the readers that they would ove...

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...population. He played on the emotional and physically aspects of the females, who are the victims. Emotionally, the maternal instincts of women were used as means to their own abduction and rape. Physically, they were unable to defend themselves against the rape, because they were unconscious during the whole ordeal. This reinforce the purpose of the paper, to inform and create speculation of a crime that could be committed.

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