Essay On African American Diet

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When you eat do you think about the food you consume? Many times people eat and do not think about what health conditions can be caused by the food that they eat. Maintaining your health is very important and beneficial. Many ingredients in the food we consume can lead up to long lasting health problems. There are many problems that Americans add to their menus that are harmful and solutions that will reduce these harmful risk factors. Many Americans have health problems. Many of these Americans are African Americans. This is because African Americans are not aware of the health conditions that come from the things that they eat. If we were to sit down and jot down every food that we consume, we will notice that we are at risk. By the time we find out, it is already too late. Our body has already taken in so much and is barely making it. There are many factors that influence the diet of African Americans. Culture, environment, and heredity make up some of these factors. Culture affects African Americans because we accept larger body sizes. This makes people feel less guilty of what they eat. Our environment affects us because if your family is not about eating healthy or exercising than you will perform exactly what is around you. Lastly, your heredity affects your diet because some people are born with genes that make them eat more than others. These people sometimes do not gain weight. While there are others who are born with genes that make it hard for them to lose weight. Indeed, African Americans should just exercise and eat healthy to maintain a healthy weight and good health (African Americans and Diet). Robert Preidt wrote an article on the Department of Health and Hospitals website called “Genes Tied to High Blood Pressu... ... middle of paper ... they have been doing it all of their life. That is the same for me. I know it will be hard but I know that I would like to live a lot longer so I am going to make sure that I start eating healthy and living healthy. Nothing is easy but when you put your all into something it will get done. This is what I will use to motivate my friends, my family and myself. Getting a new lifestyle will make your health better. It will also encourage your friends and family to do the same. Those family members who have inherited health issues, it will encourage them to recognize this and not feed it. Feeding it will be eating unhealthy so that it will grow or get worse. My family members with cancer already will have to take my health plan into consideration. Even the ones who have high blood pressure will need to think about it as well so that they will not be making it worse.

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