Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Decision Making

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Advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, of group decision-making Name: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction Keller & Price (2011) pointed out that an organisation that have to develop and maintain competitive advantage has to devise mechanisms of involving every employee into the decision making process. A study conducted by Freeman (1999) in an investigation of the importance of including employees in a decision making process documented that, organisations that include employees in decisions of the running of the organisation have higher chances of developing organisational culture that pushes the organisation to higher levels. In this regard, the facets of the success of any organisations are denoted by the strategic decisions made through initiatives such as group decision-making and other strategic positioning plans. Nevertheless, specific aspects of decisions should be avoided in order to make departments effective. Stone (2013) articulated on core aspects that touches on sensitive matters and which should be avoided for effective running of organisations. In fact, Freeman (1999)…show more content…
When a group is meeting to deliberate on different issues affecting the company, it is indispensable for the members to be given clearly defined policy guidance (Schermerhorn, 2010). This helps in clearing doubts about the intentions of such meetings. In addition, the desired outcomes are pointed out to have the theme of the meeting clearly spelt out. In addition, it is imperative to avoid low team authority. When there is no defined framework of what should be achieved or on how to achieve it, decisions are either ambiguous or unrealistic. When there is no authority in the group, the lead legacy gets confusing and it becomes difficult for members to constructively make sound decisions. Thus, designating roles in a group decision-making is critical in that it makes things run

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