Conflict In 12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men The movie “12 Angry Men” is about a child that is just about to be sentence to death penalty because he was suspicious of a premeditated murder. At the trial, the judge tell the jury that they have to find a verdict whether the boy is guilty or not of murdering his father. The judge was very specific when he said that the decision must be unanimous. When they get in the jury room to deliberate, eleven men stood in favor of condemn the boy to death but only one men refuse that sentence because he had many reasonable doubt to don’t belief that. The first conflict they face was about the knife the killer used to kill his victim. The evidence said that it was a very rare knife that the boy bought in a little pawn shop before going to his house and stab his father. On the other hand, the boy admits that he bought the knife, but it falls off his pocket in his way to the movie theater. Juror number 8 said that it was possible because he bought the same knife at the same neighborhood the kid bought the presumed murderer weapon. Juror number 8 was trying to say that it was possible that someone else could have bought the same kind of knife to kill the target. Then Mr. Davis called a second vote, if the 11 jurors maintain their guilty point of view, he would join them, but if someone else vote not guilty, they would have to…show more content…
They declare the boy innocent because the evidence was not enough to send the boy to the electric chair. The Consensus was the best solution because after analyzing all the evidence, they called to vote many times to get a final unanimous decision of not guilty. I think at the time we are judging a person, we can’t let our emotions guide us because it won’t really take us to the real solution of the problem. When making a group decision, it is important to consider everybody’s opinion as important and with respect, so the fairest decision can be

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