Divergent Governance of Jamestown and Plymouth

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Jamestown and Plymouth The General History of Virginia and Plymouth Plantation are two stories with different presidents that do not have the same aspects of their people. It shows how there could be people who try hard and know what they are doing and others who don’t. Some are just in it for the power that they get but others are actually in it to make things into something better. The two colonies solved things differently from each other. Jamestown had President Wingfield, but he did a lousy job so he was replaced by Captain John Smith. The people of Jamestown were selfish before John Smith became their president. The former president Wingfield was selfish himself too. For example, on page 72 it says “ And thereat none need marvel …show more content…

A thing that the two stories have in common is that they both have a Native American relationship.What this means is that they both got profit from the Native Americans as they exchanged merchandise. In both stories, people also happened to die of starvation. They died of starvation because other people were too selfish to share it or there just wasn’t enough for every person so they died. They established colonies for their own people. They may not have been managed in the same way, but they had a colony for them. Such as Jamestown and Plymouth were both set to be English colonies. Both colonies saw things in different ways and they also had different beliefs. As both stories were about two different colonies with some similarities and differences they both had problems and found a way to turn it around. The did not solve them in the exact same manner, but they got to solving it some way or another. If I had to choose one of those two colonies to live in I’d chose to be in with the Plymouth Plantation side. I’d rather be with them because they weren’t only a group of men they also had their families there. I would choose to be somewhere where I’d be the most comfortable

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