Essay About Recruitment Process In The Philippines

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In Philippines when a person is applying for an job interview the type of resume is totally different from industry to industry. They have to put their picture on the resume also they have to mention their age, sex, marital status, contact number , hobbies and etc. For example if a person is getting hired for a Front Desk position in Philippines they have to put their whole body picture by which the recruiter can select accordingly. During an job application they have to submit covering letter ( explaining why you need that job), Resumes any certificates that are related to your field and passport. Where as in Canada the resume style is different where you don’t have to put your picture in the resume or other details of yourself such as marital status, sex and age. Rest all remain same where you have to submit your cover letter and resume but you don’t have to attach your certificates infact you have to mention on resume and if asked you have to show it to the employer and they will never ask you to submit your passport. In Philippines during a job recruitment process when you have given your resumes ideally you will proceed onward to the following stage in the application process, the interview stage. It has multiple…show more content…
Both the document are issued by Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE). Apart from this when he is applying for a alien permit he also has to apply for a ACR - I card which has a microchip attached. It has all the relevant information which a immigration officials needs. You get minimum of 1 year and maximum of 5 years of work permit. Where as in Canada you need work visa and work permit both but the duration is short minimum is 1 year and maximum is 3
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