Essay On The Army As A Profession

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The question whether the Army is a profession becomes current hot issue to the society. The Army tried to demonstrate its development on profession by reviewing and refreshing the doctrine. However; there are documents that show the disagreement from people and they believe that our military is still inefficient organization when talking about our professional. The purpose of this paper is to support the idea of military is a professional organization. The Army is a profession because of three attributes; its expertise, trust, and values. These three are important keys to achieve and reach the profession. First attribute is expertise which is such the art and science of ethically using of combat power to establish the peace and defend the Constitution from enemies both domestic and foreign. The Army did research and develop the expertise in to four fields; “military-technical, human development, moral-ethical, and political-cultural expertise.” The military-technical expertise is developed for the Army to perform effective military operations at all levels. Doctrines, tactics, and strategies were built from current situations in order to achieve the operations. The human development is the field that train, educate and develop volunteers to be Soldiers and further develop Soldiers to be leaders. The objective of the moral-ethical field is to teach the Soldiers to morally fight the war by using ethical principles, ROEs, and education values. In the political-culture field, Soldiers are taught on the civil-military and media-military relations to understand how to deal with civilian and media. Soldiers also learn other languages and culture. So they do not create the cultural conflict with others.1 On the other hand, documents sh... ... middle of paper ... may raise the worry of public and people and cause military to lose trust with people. I think the values are making the Army to be a profession. All aspects are suitable to build the framework for the Army. It is only a small number of Soldiers failed and made us look bad. However; it is raising the public concern and we may lose the trust from people. The solutions may seek on how we enforce the preventive and self-policing programs to decrease the incidents and the Army will gain the trust back. In the conclusion, three attributes are important elements that form a profession in the Army. Soldiers become better leaders because of their well trained and educated. Soldiers are more expert on what and how to do the jobs. Army also learned from mistakes and developed concepts to earn the trust back from people. Moreover; Army adopt values to shape its structure
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