Essay About Family: My Family's Tradition

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For as long as I can remember the guys on my dads side have always gone hunting and the first gun they used has always been passed down to the next generation. When my parents divorced, I was young around eight years old and for a while my dad and I never felt as close as we did before the divorce. So for a while I never had the opportunity. For the last four years me and my dad have been getting along great, he has remarried and I like my step-mom. I got over to their house on the weekends and this past year during fall and winter my dad decided that it was the right time to pass the tradition on down to me. I was very excited and nervous at the same time, and I had many questions because since they broke up I spent more time with my mom and didn’t learn how to hunt, and shoot that much. Thankfully I was a natural born hunter through my dad and I was already could shoot a gun very accurately.

As the time to go hunting grew closer, we went target shooting so I could get used to the gun that my dad used to kill his first deer. It felt going hunting would improve the relationship between my father and I. I wanted to kill a deer more than anything else, then finally the night before we gathered our gear and went to bed early to be ready in the morning. The next morning I woke up around four o’clock and went downstairs to get ready. I walked out side to see how cold it was, and on this November day the air was crisp, moist, and cool. We had some breakfast and got in the truck and met with my step-moms brother and my cousin-in-law, who were also hunting with us. One the ride there I rested my head and I had a dream of killing a big deer. We arrived at my dad’s friends land, we loaded the guns wished each other luck and we went our separate ways on the land, with the hopes of killing a massive buck. Me and my dad faced on more challenge before we reached the hunting stands, was a big steep hill that was wet from the rain we had over the night. On the way up me and my dad both had to rest to avoid falling and injuring ourselves.
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