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657 words

Shakespeare Did Write His Plays
William Shakespeare was a talented performer and writer who wrote more than 37 plays and more than 100 sonnets. Although, many people think Shakespeare wrote these plays and sonnets there are still people that think somebody else wrote and he took credit for them. Yet, there is still enough evidence to prove that William Shakespeare indeed wrote the plays himself. This evidence consists of his timeline correspondence, what other people could have and there timeline, and if he had a purpose and an education to write them.
One important piece of evidence that Shakespeare wrote the plays is that his timeline allowed him to write the plays. According to Shakespeare’s timeline, “Shakespeare wrote 37 plays between the times of 1589 – 1613” (J.M. Pressley). In a time frame of 24 years, he wrote 37 plays while also performing the plays. The career timeline shows how he wrote the plays between these years and it matches up with his personal timeline of his life. This timeline provides information that permits him to have time to write the plays and sonnets. It also provides that in that time period he could have been doing something else but there is no proof. In order to, have written the articles, “he would have needed a literary background…” (Doug Stewart 65). Although this suggests he did not write the plays there is no proof that anybody else could have wrote the plays either. This helps provide information for his timeline because there is a gap of missing records, which don’t mention much of an education. In those missing records he could have attended school to learn to write. Overall, the correspondence of William Shakespeare’s life could have allowed him to have written all the plays and sonne...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that william shakespeare was a talented performer and writer who wrote more than 37 plays and over 100 sonnets. there is evidence to prove that he wrote the plays himself.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare's timeline allows him to write the plays and sonnets. the timeline provides information for his timeline because there is a gap of missing records, which don't mention much an education.
  • Explains that there is no evidence that anyone else had a purpose or chance to write the plays or even did write them.
  • Explains that shakespeare had the time and education to write the plays and sonnets. he had a busy life, but enjoyed writing them.
  • Concludes that shakespeare wrote his plays because there is enough evidence to show that he wrote the plays and sonnets.
  • Analyzes the william shakespeare timeline from no sweat shakespeare, june-july 2013.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare wrote his plays, and explains how he wrote them.

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