Juliet's Soliloquy

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Mignon McLaughlin

William Shakespeare: “Juliet’s Soliloquy”: Romeo and Juliet

“Juliet’s Soliloquy” was written by William Shakespeare around 1595. William Shakespeare, the Great Stratford Bard, was an English poet and playwright. Shakespeare’s legendary works were the product of his life experiences that reveals why he chose this career. Although Shakespeare is known for many of his poems, “Juliet’s Soliloquy” from Romeo and Juliet, has many illustrative characteristics such as love, fear, passion, and hate. This poem allows readers to visualize a picture of his passionate and spiritual beliefs in life. For a person to have such beliefs tells a lot about their family background and the way that they were raised. In addition, if a person will do anything in their will power for their other half, there must be such strong feelings between the two. Therefore, his hard work and determination to become better pushed him into world of all kinds of literature as he realized in the poetic figures of the English period.

In the poem “Juliet’s Soliloquy”, Juliet is alone in her chamber as she holds her vessel of poison. As Juliet expresses her fears in the heart-felt soliloquy, the complete severity of the situation weighs heavy on her mind. She thinks, “What if the potion is unsuccessful or does not work?” She wonders has the Friar deceived her and given her real poison instead of the nonpoisonous, so that no one discovers that he dishonorably wedded her to Romeo in disclosure. Juliet quickly gets rid of these difficult and unbearable situations and thoughts to be untrue. She still worries that she will find herself conscious in the hot and cr...

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