Environmental Importance Of Animals In The Chesapeake Bay

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An estuary is a stretch of water that is created out of fresh water from rivers and it mixes with salt water which comes from the ocean. In an estuary the fresh water is blocked from going into the ocean by mainland and salt marshes. But the mixes of salt and fresh waters make an amazing environment that has all different types of animals and plants of all kind.
There are many types of animals that live in an estuary. But there is a select few that I will talk about.
Found in southern Europe & the US the great egret is a big heron with a white body, black feet, and very long legs. It also has a yellow bill. A very interesting characteristic about this animal is that it has a long neck that is made into a shaped curve while it’s flying. Around the Chesapeake Bay Hermit crabs live in estuaries. The shell of a hermit crab is a very protective armor because it is beneficial for survival and protection. Hermit crabs are able to live in salt water or freshwater.
A lugworm is another species that lives in an estuary. A lugworm is found in Europe and can be between 3 to 12 inches and3/8 inches in diameter. It looks like a large earthworm. Its head is blackish reddish …show more content…

It is the most common type of grass on the shorelines of estuaries. While growing up it will stand tall and have one budding flower at the top. It can handle salty environments. It is an ideal plant found in estuaries. The salt water also distributes salt particles around the marshland and shore land. The purple loosestrife is a hard plant which was found in Europe and came to America during the trade and exploration time. The plant has a rigid stalk with matted root ends. The way the roots are made it prevents the plant from growing tall. The top section of the plant is a hardy plant and lives in the marshland and near the shoreline. The purple loosestrife can live in tough environments and can easily take control and kill other

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