Wetland and Atmospheric Ecosystem Case Study in Australia

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Intertidal wetlands
 Intertidal wetlands are found in coastal areas which have periodic inundation.
 They contain plants which are able to survive saline conditions
 They main types of intertidal wetlands are mangroves and salt marsh
 Intertidal wetland ecosystems are among the most productive plant communities
 They also look after the quality of coastal waters by watering down, sifting, and settling deposits, left-over nutrients and contaminants. They are highly productive ecosystems and provide habitats and act as nurseries for all manner of life.


1. Determine the location and spatial dimensions of the Badu Wetlands
2. To investigate ecosystem functioning
3. To investigate the changing nature of the Badu ecosystem
4. To analyse negative and positive human impacts
5. To evaluate management strategies

The Badu Wetlands are located within the Bicentennial Park which is located in the Parramatta River Basin approximately 12km west of the CBD. It receives slightly less rainfall and higher average temperatures than that of the CBD (central business district). The latitude of Bicentennial Park is 3350’ and the longitude is 15304’ with an altitude of 0-10 meters above seas level (m.a.s.l )The average temperature of the park is a warm temperate eastern marine. The size of the park is 100 hectares with the wetland size being 58 hectares, showing that the wetlands cover more than half of the park.
- Mangroves 40 ha
- Saltmarsh 8 ha
- Waterbird Refuge 10 ha
Altogether the Sydney Olympic Park is 420 hectares.
The shape of the Badu Wetlands is a rectangular part of Bicentennial Park. As for the continuity of the wetlands; the mangroves go as far as the tidal range.
The shape, size and continuity of the l...

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...d the amount of waste in the waterways and the trapping of runoff and litter.
Traditional management:
Some of their resources use included:
Fishing, using natural curves in trees to make boomerangs, use ash and bark infusions to treat skin disorders and sores, used materials such as fish hooks made from shells and the hunting and gathering of mud crabs, snakes and lizards.
The traditional owners of the land maintained the environment by using only what they needed, there was no waste left behind, they respected and new the values of the environment and they didn’t modify or harm their natural resources. They were nomadic, meaning they moved around so they didn’t use all of the resources. For example they fish in one area and then move on. If it was trout season they would take more, however if it wasn’t then they wouldn’t take any as it would disrupt the ecosystem.
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