Entrpreneurs Who are Born or Made

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Entrepreneurs are born. This statement by Professor James V. Koch from Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA reflects that entrepreneurs have entrepreneurship skills that are part of a person’s innate traits one must be born with (Kuratko 2014).

Entrepreneur who is born is the entrepreneur that has a family business. The entrepreneur inherits their parent’s business. Inheritance can make a person to be an entrepreneur.

Matter of fact, heredity affects personality and behavior (Daley 2013). Entrepreneurs are risk takers, a personality that not all people have. People’s personalities, which are caused by heredity factor, are different to each other. For this reason, there are people who involve in business and entrepreneurship, and those who are working for salaries like government workers.

Entrepreneurs cannot accept defeat. They are energetic. They are loners and work for long hours. They are also confident, that leads to overoptimistic. They are able to deal with uncertainty and risks. These are personalities of entrepreneurs. Research has shown that genes influence these personalities.

Professor Julian Lange from Babson College, Massachusetts, USA however, contradicts Professor Koch’s statement saying that entrepreneurs are made. With entrepreneurship education, a person can be an entrepreneur.

Anyone with interest in entrepreneurship can be an entrepreneur. Furthermore, a person who is born with characteristics of an entrepreneur needs entrepreneurship education. Learning is the important part to enhance entrepreneurship skills. With learning entrepreneurship, a person can be receptive towards it (Daley 2013).

To sum up, entrepreneurs, some of them are born, some of them are made. If they are born,...

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...sion to expand the Starbucks brand worldwide, prove the Professor Lange’s theory that entrepreneurs are made, is true. Howard was living a hard life when he was young, but he managed to make Starbucks, the star of the world.


In a nutshell, born entrepreneurs need to be made. Made entrepreneurs can be successful in the business arena.

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