Mentality Of An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur-Mentality, Gender, and The Study of Women Entrepreneurs
Muhammad Aziem Muhamad Saberi
Abstract: Using the new word "entrepreneur mentality" - an absolute honour to Foucault governmentality - to show how the discourse driven entrepreneurship as a system of thought on women entrepreneurs who were able to make some form of reasonable and activities can be implemented, namely: who can become an entrepreneur, what entrepreneurship is, what or who managed by a form of governance of economic relations? The discourse of women entrepreneurs the linguistic practices that create the impression of truth. Arguing that the social studies of women entrepreneurs tend to reproduce the mentality of entrepreneurs who make masculinity hegemonic
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The entrepreneur has the mentality of an entrepreneur is vital if you want to achieve financial freedom and success. Entrepreneurs take matters into their own hands and take calculated risks and not blindly jump into deep water. Being your own boss is not easy, but it gives you the freedom to take matters into your own hands and not wait for others to tell you what to do. If you have the mentality of an entrepreneur, you're always looking for ways to create something, even if others see 'nothing' because 'something'. Well, I think that is the main difference between people who have the mentality of entrepreneurs from someone who does not have it. With positive thinking and the ability to see opportunities and advantages even in a terrible state, entrepreneurs can create something out of nothing. Minded entrepreneurs certainly not the birth right; if you take your time to know yourself and believe in your abilities, you will definitely develop the right frame of mind to become an…show more content…
So, we need to foster interest in entrepreneurship and participate in the variety program hosted by any agency to awaken the goodness in entrepreneurship. For the entrepreneur quality, we need to take a course held to add to the knowledge that we have to know what the market can be traded and it gives space to carry out our business.
The second recommendation that I can give is If you want to become successful women entrepreneurs it needs to have certain patterns to generate success in the future. In entrepreneurship, it is welcome to housewives to become entrepreneurs to help with the household economy and it can help women who do not work in close contact with the public indirectly.
The last recommendation that I can give is the women can get the experience if they join entrepreneur and it can make the fund for their future.
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