English: Communication in the Business World

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In the business world the communication plays a very important role. Communication is considered to be the most important skill for a person to becoming successful in his/her career. In the same time with the explosion of globalization process the “international” word started to be more and more used, like the “international communication”. Globalization has various aspects which affect the world in several different ways. One of this ways is the international language spoken in the world. The most popular language is English and it is used for communication between people from different nations who do not share a common native language. This language is associated with the very dominance – business, economic, cultural and political – than made it popular. The aim of this project is to present to all of you who are interested what is an international language and why we are used and also why English is the most important international language in the world. You can find below some statistics about the most common language in the world, about the nations in which English is an official language. You can also read some information about English’s history and when and why English started to be an international language, used for so many countries as an official language, and learned for so many countries as a second language. First of all I will present you some reasons for needing an international language. Generally speaking my readers become or are partners in international communication with their foreign counterparts, performing not only professional but various social functions, which require from them good knowledge of an international language (or a common language), and also mastery of business communication skills, such as: listening comprehension of business field, speaking on professional topics, dealing with visitors, use of the telephone, verbally relaying business information, reading and writing various commercial correspondence, reports etc. It should also be added, that nowadays foreign and domestic firms as well as governmental institutions are interested in employing young specialists with good knowledge of an international language. They need to speak a common language not only because of their export trade but also for other reasons, among them: the trend towards multinational company structures, the increase in foreign business travel, foreign visitors and participation in international trade fairs, conferences and seminars, growing bureaucracy in overseas markets. Linguists estimate that there are about 5,000-6,000 different languages spoken in the world today.

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