English: The Complications Of English As A Global Language

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In the contemporary world, English has pervaded almost all spheres of life. Extensive amount of communication all around the globe is conducted in some dialect of English: American, British, Welsh, Canadian et al. Recently, a new “simplified” version of English has been developed, christened Globish, with the fundamental aim of facilitating communication between non-native interlocutors of English. Globish limits its emphasis on effective and efficient communication, rather than an elegant one. It is based on a “utilitarian” vocabulary that doesn’t set much store by the form, grammar or syntax. This paper will, in its central argument, attempt to critically examine the idea of a globalised English and its implications on the
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It is extensively being used in global communication, business dealings, internet, political negotiation, entertainment, tourism literature et al. As Crysal illustrates in his book, a language achieves a global status, when it is made an official language or the country’s official foreign teaching are done primarily in that language, even if it hasn’t attained an official status. English has been made an official language in India, Singapore, Malta, Indonesia etc. In the field of science and technology, English is employed mainly as the sole language of communication. For instance, English is used in technological and scientific diaspora in 80-85% cases. He states that according to data in 1987, almost half of the academic papers published each year are in English. For a more comprehensive understanding of the paper, it is imperative to consider the classification of English speakers across the…show more content…
New words are routinely added and the already existing ones are being viewed in a different meaning altogether. As the geographical reach of any language extends, it absorbs characteristics of the vernacular language extant in that area. It relentlessly embraces the regional accents and dialects “by adding further layers of complexity.” Thus, there is no mechanism to limit Globish to 1500 words only. As it spreads and starts being extensively used by the people around the globe, it will alter and evolve just like all the languages before have. The premise behind development of Globish ignores the very fundamental phenomenon and the language falls for the very fallacy that it is ostensibly improvising

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