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From each of my previous English classes from summer 2014 to summer 2015, I have learned a new method on writing a good essay and same method that I have learned previously. When learning the new method of writing a good essay, it was hard as I got too used to doing the regular way of writing an essay. That would be the reason why I would struggle sometime to write a good paper as each English class I take would learn a new unique or same method. I am getting better as I steadily improving my weak points in my paper, but I would still have some problems with grammars in most of my paragraphs, which is the reason why I would go to learning center and have peers review to see where I should change and improved the essay. Learning same and different methods from each English class is difficult to get used to and it takes little by little to develop an excellent paper to turn in.
In the summer of 2014, I took English 269A. The classwork and essay were about right for me to take as I learned each lessons little by little to start improving on my writing. Another common thing in class is that we usually have a group to work with on classwork, homework, and peer review on essays. It works as I was able to receive a decent grade that I wanted as I was able to …show more content…

Having to write an book essay got me used to preparing to get the book material so I can prepare to read them and take notes on what to write about. The second similarity is the method is the teaching the basic step by step of writing a paragraph. It was helpful to relearn them as I would know if I am doing it right or not. The differences are so far is that English 1A does not do group, unlike my previous classes. Not having a group work would take time for me to adjust, but at the same time allow me to learn an new experience to make more effort to look over my work and see my

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