Energy Drinks Persuasive Essay

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Athletes and students everyday have energy drinks to “help” them stay up and be attentive in class. Energy drinks are destructive to students athletes’ mind, body and performance. Students and athletes should not drink energy drinks. They are negatively affecting athletes’ health and performance in sports, school, and activities they do on a regular basis.
There are many statistics out there about how energy drinks are negatively affecting athletes’ mind and body. Energy drinks do and don’t help athletes focus or be more attentive. They do, but only for a short period of time before all of it is in your body and is actually regulating your heartbeat. These drinks are meant to give you that “energy boost” you need to get you through the day; but the caffeine those drinks contain, believe it or not, increases heart rate and arterial blood pressure. Overconsumption can be very risky, and it can lead to very serious heart problems to the consumer. The more people drink these types of energy the more they are endangering their heart and the brain. By drinking so much of these high caffeinated beverages, you can seriously injuring yourself even when you think it is helping you do better. …show more content…

Energy drinks could be healthy because most have healthy, natural ingredients. They contain L-carnitine which is in our bodies that turns fat into energy. Out of all the natural ingredients put into an energy drinks, you would think that they would be healthy; but they’re not. All the natural ingredients that make up these beverages have higher concentrations than the actual food or plant that stores it in its’ natural state. Therefore, because of the higher concentrations and the overconsumption by student athletes you can see how this is negatively affecting their performance and

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