Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

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Energy Drinks Safe or Deadly? Would you drink something that is associated with health problems and even death? Well energy drinks are highly caffeinated beverages that many people have become depended on to get through certain things that need done. They are used to give individuals a quick energy boost to get things done. Today many people question how safe energy drinks really are for the quick energy they supply. In fact, a sixteen year old girl died of cardiac arrest just after ingesting an energy drink, while on vacation with friends. Almost everyone who enjoys drinking energy drinks, knows that high levels of caffeine are in these beverages, and they continue to drink the ignoring the risks. But some people are fine with the high levels of caffeine and just drink them because it makes them feel energized. They seem to accept the shocking circumstances because it helps them gets things done when they need the most energy. On the other hand, some people disagree and think that it is not only bad for individuals…show more content…
Also, teachers are noticing the students having physical health issues and referring students to be seen by the school nurse. Teachers are also noticing the effect these energy drinks have on students as well, from being disruptive, having a hard time focusing, and struggling to stay on task (Pennington et al). Energy drinks are thought to help enhance performance, boost mental alertness, improve endurance and energy, decrease fatigue, enhance metabolism, and improve overall performance. Energy drinks are also used because of short term health benefits, taste, energy boost, improved performance, and to justify or improve poor dietary habits (Rath). But, drinking energy drinks come with so much more along with a list of health problems and possibly

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