Motivation In Workplace

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In our modern culture success is often determined by ones measure of motivation to succeed. Without motivation there would be no ends to meet, no goals to accomplish, no movement from vision to reality. Society today recognizes the term “motivation” as a single reason to take action, but what they do not know is that there are many variations of it. (Cadwallader, Bitner, & Ostrom, 2010, Pg. 220) Motivation affects us in every aspect of our everyday lives, it is what causes change. In this literature review my purpose is to research correlations between motivation and how to improve it in the workplace.
Types of Motivation
To be motivated means to be moved to do something (Cadwallader, Bitner, & Ostrom, 2010, Pg. 222). Most theories have treated motivation as a singular term that varies in the amount such that people with more motivation will aspire to greater achievement and be more. This is simply wrong. Self-Determination Theory (SDT) claims that there are different kinds of motivation. “To be self-determining means to experience a sense of choice in initiating and regulating one’s own actions” (Cadwallader, Bitner, & Ostrom, 2010, Pg. 228). SDT claims these different types of motivations are centered around peoples values and principles. These different motivations can be sparked by an external push such as an employer threatening someone to lose their job; known as amotivation. People with amotivation tend to not have motivation or determination, therefore needing that extra push. There is also the employee thriving to get a raise and ignites internal motivation to do extra work, called intrinsic motivation. (Cadwallader, Bitner, & Ostrom, 2010, Pg. 230) Although it is important to recognize there are different forms of moti...

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...etting rewarded through intrinsic factors (feelings felt by an employee, such as hearty appreciation), but people from the 1980’s and 1990’s tend to enjoy being appreciated through extrinsic rewards (pay raise or benefits). (Dekay, 2013, Pg. 251) Dekay maintains that there are four generations occupying the American workplace and that each one has their own set of values. It is up to the managers to identify these values so they can effectively assign work and projects that resonate and the people can identify with them.
Overall, there is still a major need for MLT leader communication researchers to further their studies and discover new evidence on what languages enhance the worker to be more motivated. There is limited work in examining such areas, especially in regards to mediating and partially mediating relationship which will lead to new areas of research.
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