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Have you ever experienced child abuse before? Think about the children who have been abused. They cannot protect themselves from it. Most of them are so small they don’t know what’s going on. Child Abuse has been around for many and many years, but nobody knows a way to stop it. Child Abuse is not only a bad problem, but it’s a problem that has to be stopped. Most people don’t know much about Child Abuse, or the types of Child Abuse. One type of Child Abuse is called Emotional Abuse. Emotional Abuse is when people say something that is cruel, or intimidating. Another type is Physical Abuse which is when there is hitting, or beating involved in the abuse. A third type is Sexual Abuse which is when the abuser try’s doing things sexually with the child. The final type is Verbal Abuse which is when the abuser criticizes the child with hurtful words. It does not matter what type of Child Abuse it is, they still all have long-term consequences. If the abuser has always told you, you would never be good enough for anything. You will start feeling that everywhere you go people know what has happened in your life. You feel like they always judge you no matter what. Sometimes you may feel that killing yourself is the only answer. No matter how bad it gets never believe it is the only answer. There are plenty of people who could help you in this situation. Just remember the worst thing you can do is not tell anybody that you are being abused. I know you may be a small child, but people will still listen to you even if they don’t really believe you are telling the truth. You should always tell your parents what’s happening. If your parents are doing the abusing, start by telling one of your teachers or somebody you can trust very well. You ... ... middle of paper ... ... do anything by myself. More people need to realize this is a big problem, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Child Abuse isn’t a problem that will stop by itself. We can try to put it to a stop, but we have to make more people aware of how bad it really is. I really hope we can do something, because I wouldn’t want this to happen to one of my kids even though I won’t be doing the abusing I still don’t want it to happen to my kids, because I wouldn’t want this to happen to any of my kids and I will do anything to protect them. It would be good if we could open adoption agencies so all these kids could have another chance to make something of their lives. We should make our children know important things like phone numbers and address. Maybe in the future this horrible problem will come to a stop, but we have to do something because it’s not going away easily.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that no matter what type of child abuse it is, they still have long-term consequences. if the abuser has always told you, you would never be good enough for anything.
  • Argues that child abuse isn't a problem that will go away by itself; it's hard to stop something no matter what it is.
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