Emaar Properties Case Study

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Emaar Properties: A Study of Corporate Governance

Introduction In a broad sense, corporate governance relates to the ways by which corporations and companies are directed and controlled. Therefore, the way corporate governance is done in certain companies can be crucial to the success or failure of the company as a whole. This is primarily due to the fact that proper corporate governance leads to better performance and directly monitors the company’s progress towards reaching its mission, and fulfilling its vision in the long run. Proper corporate governance is achieved through several steps. One of those steps is transparency, which is crucially needed in order for proper monitoring to occur, one of the bases of corporate governance. In
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Considering the high importance of corporate governance in the success of a certain corporation, auditing it also plays a role in its proper implementation. If a certain company has good corporate governance, its non-management shareholders will be the ones who benefit the most directly. The ultimate benefit of proper corporate governance, though, is efficiently allocating capital to the corporate’s most productive uses. Yet, corporate governance may fail due to many reasons. Some of these reasons might be the excessive greediness and dishonesty of certain people who may put their personal interests in front of the companies’ interests which they happen to manage. This is when auditing plays its role, as it may prevent certain opportunities for accounting fraud and thereby improve corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Monitoring the corporation’s performance is the primary activity in which Corporate Governance is involved in, basing
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As EMAAR Properties gives the shareholders a large responsibility and a high percentage of control and they oblige the board members to always attend the scheduled meetings with the shareholders to listen to their opinions and take into consideration any suggestions they might have for the improvement of the corporation’s performance in total. On a separate notice, senior management is required by the board to have processes in place to support its policy of full, true, plain and timely disclosure of financial results, significant developments and other material information to appropriate stakeholders such as shareholders, regulators, employees, rating agencies (if any), analysts and the Dubai Stock Exchange, therefore, placing a major role over the stakeholders of the