Case Study Of Ligand Pharmaceuticals

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Case 1: In this case. As a certified public accountant, Erickson oversaw and initiated an arbitrary adjustment to increase cash and decrease accounts receivable. Also, Erickson signed Form 10-K with full knowledge that the financial statements include therein incorporated entries misstating revenues. As we can see from this case, Erickson’s behavior not only violate the Business and Professions Code, Division 3, Chapter 1, § 5100(g) and (i), but also against the ethical theories.
Besides, a CFO is responsible for providing investors with an accurate reporting. On the other hand, ethical responsibilities of the professional accountant is essentially important. As a CPA, they must take all the facts into consideration that which action are
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The specific obligations in this case would include monitor corporate governance activities and compliance with organization policies, and assess audit committee effectiveness and compliance with regulations
Case 4: In this case, The PCAOB found that Ligand Pharmaceuticals restated the financial statements for the year 2003, and recognized around $59 million less in revenues from product sales than originally recognized and reported a net loss more than 2.5 times the net loss originally reported. As a result, PCAOB ordered that James was prohibited from associating with any registered public accounting firm for at least two years from the date of its order.
As a partner in the public accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche. LLP. James, in this case, was responsible for this violation. First, James was no on the basis of full inspection of the subsequent discovery existing at the date of the auditor 's report. Second, he did not detect and address problems regarding Ligand Pharmaceuticals ' exclusion of certain types of returns from the evaluation of future returns. Last but not least, he did not adequately perceive the reasonableness of Ligand’s estimates of future product

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