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Elizabeth: The Golden Age is a historical film about the reign of Elizabeth I during the Renaissance Era. It is a sequel to the film Elizabeth and is directed by Shekhar Kapur. This film was pleasing and enjoyable to watch despite its historical inaccuracies and goriness. The costumes and makeup and hair design were absolutely gorgeous and stunning. Ruler of Catholic Spain, King Phillip II, declares war on England because he sees it as a threat. He wasn’t to take over England and make his daughter queen in place of Elizabeth. Elizabeth refuses to marry and therefore does not have an heir to the throne and will be passed to her cousin, Mary, queen of Scots. An English explorer by the name of Sir Walter Raleigh comes to the queen’s court and offers her potatoes, tobacco, 2 Native Americans, and gold from Spanish ships. She grows very fond of him and asks Bess, her favorite lady-in-waiting, to get to know him. They have an affair and eventually get married after Bess becomes pregnant behind the queens back. While Elizabeth worries about the upcoming war with Spain, Mary, queen of Scots, secretly gets in touch with the Jesuits to plot Elizabeth’s assassination so that she may take her spot as Queen of England. She is discovered, committed of treason and beheaded for her crime. The armada ships make their approach as Elizabeth makes a war speech to her soldiers, but a huge wind comes, causing the Armada to drop their anchors as to not lose formation. England sees this as a perfect time to attack and sends out fire ships that causing the Armada’s ships to sink in flames. It ends with Elizabeth telling Walsingham “to rest” on his deathbed and her blessing Raleigh and Bess’s baby boy. She then goes back to her position as the Virgin Quee... ... middle of paper ... ...s quite common. If the film was more accurate it would probably make it better and more enjoyable for history lovers, but you wouldn’t learn much about this time and event from this movie. It wouldn’t be very the best movie to see for people who really care about historical inaccuracies or minors because of the slight nudity and adult content, but otherwise it’s for anyone who needs a movie to watch and loves beautiful scenery and exquisite costumes. Overall this film was exciting to watch and was good to help learn a little about the Elizabethan Era. Although the goriness is too much for someone who is sensitive to that kind of thing, you can still enjoy the movie. The costumes are eccentric, the set design is, although outdated, extremely detailed, and was a good movie if you were looking for something to watch and enjoyed a little bit of history in your life.

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