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Queen Elizabeth and all of those around her had a very eventful lifetime. Even when she was just a baby, Princess Elizabeth, had many things, including her mother’s death, going on. She was known by other names as well and she was such an extraordinary queen, that there was an entire era during her reign known as the Elizabethan Era, which was often considered the golden age in English history.
Queen Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, had a pretty rough time. After “marrying” Queen Elizabeth’s father, Henry VII, she became the queen. Soon after she became pregnant, everyone was preparing for the little prince, Prince Edward, but whenever Anne Boleyn’s due date came she had a little girl, Princess Elizabeth. After many failed attempts at conceiving, the king became angry and started to think of a way to end their marriage. With the help of a few of Anne’s enemies at court, King Henry started an investigation. Anne was eventually arrested on the charges of adultery, incest, and plotting to murder the king. With limited evidence, she was found guilty and sentenced to death by beheading. On May 19th, Anne was privately executed.
Elizabeth was often referred to as “The Virgin Queen.” The reason for this nickname was due to her choice to remain unmarried. Her reasoning for this was complex. It seemed that she did not marry for political purposes. Queen Elizabeth declared herself “married to England.” When she became The Virgin Queen, she set herself aside from other women, which is probably why she commanded so much respect. If she had married, she would have essentially lost all power. She couldn’t marry an Englishman because it could create factional infighting, but if she were to marry at foreign man, she would be believed to be invo...

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... viewing; they often depicted very intimate personal things, like a lover or mistress. Architecture became a expression of wealth or status. Tall houses or towers or example accented by gardens or stables.

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