They Came from Another World in the Film, Invation of the Body Snatchers by Jack Finney

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They came from another world. Invasion of the body snatchers based on the book of the name. It starts Kevin McCarthy as Miles Bennell, Dana Wynter as Becky Driscoll, Larry Gates as Dan Kauffman, King Donovan as Jack Belicec. This classic horror film starts in emergency ward of a hospital, where a crazy man is held in custody. They identify he as Miles Bennell, who tell the tail the events before his arrest. Bennell is a small town doctor ,who just came home from a convention. He soon realizes that many of his patience believe some of their loved ones are not himself. His former girlfriend Becky Driscoll also believes that her uncle is a imposter. Bennell asks Becky out on a date, but the are interrupted by his old friend Jack Belicec who found a underdeveloped body "pod person” in his basement. Following this Becky also finds a body in her cellar. The next day the bodies are gone , and they find duplicates of themselves emerging from large seed pods. They discover the bodies fully form if the fall a sleep. After trying the FBI they go to the next town to try and finds some answer. There the find the town is replaced by the pod people. They escape to the middle of the nowhere where Bennell in the only surveyor. Acting of movie is very basic for todays standards. The actions of the Miles Bennell aren’t believable or logical. At some points the women of the movie tend of over action simple scenes. The rest of the cast is monotone and have little emotion.It ok casting, but they could of done better. You find yourself laughing at serious point in the film due to the poor acting. This movie could be recut to become a comedy movie, just based off their facial expression. One of things I did like about the movie a... ... middle of paper ... ...g movie, but still people liked it. Some people thought it was a evil movie with the pod people representing in the Soviet Union or communist. Today it ‘s number nine on the AFI top 10 Sci-Fi movies of all top. The money brought in from the movie was massive for it’s time . When first proposed the plan for the budget was $350,000.This was later change the scheduled for a 24-day shoot and a budget of $454,864.In the first month it made a million in the U.S. before the end of the year it made an additional 2.5 million. Even though it wasn’t the top selling movie of the year it still made a good amount of money. In my opinion invasion of the body snatchers is a ok movie. My main problem is the cast. They could have been acted better actors. Also it’s a cheesy plot , but still somewhat well written. Most likely I wouldn’t ever watch it again, only if I had too.

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