Effects Of Social Networking Sites On Teenagers

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Teen years is a very difficult period in our life and being easily distracted by a variety of things doesn’t make it any easier. One of the major distraction that a teenagers daily faces is the use of social networking sites. Its seems as if social networking sites have taken over the young adolescent minds to a whole other world and loosing awareness of what around them with the endless “clicking” and “scrolling” through webpages. Like those moments where you are on specific networking site and you lose either notion of time or you end up completely off track from where you first left off. YouTube would be one of those many networking sites this occurs the most. You could be watching a video about “cats” and end up watching something completely of topic like “how to make pancakes”. Also this applies to Facebook when we seem to scroll forever and getting distracted by various things like pictures, videos and comments. Like T.S Eliot once said “distracted from distraction by distraction”, which bring us back to the effect social networking sites have on the adolescents mind. Social networking sites is not only a big distraction but it’s also hurting the teen’s communication. Social networking( Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Friendster, Sixdegrees, Google+) all have similar functions just different designs like personal information connecting with friends and strangers, posting photos, video, comments and much more. Networking sites have existed a long time ago, but the first to be considered one is sixdegrees.com. Sixdegrees.com was found in 1997 and lasted till 2001. Then Friendster.com came next it was very popular around the year 2002 in the U.S.A, but then because there was so many competition it soon lost its popularity and b... ... middle of paper ... ...ey can be portraying something that it’s not true, as to where that wouldn’t happen if it were face to face relationships. Also what is happening a lot through these sites a lot is that you may get along with someone online more than your daily life, but that all can be a lie. Many teens now take advantage of not showing who they really are and portraying something or someone they aren’t. People that text tend to bring their ways writing (slang, abbreviations) everywhere and that can be a big issue because there’s verities of way to express yourself appropriately for every place. Therefore social media do seem to have a big amount of effects cause the upcoming generation to completely lose the ability to become detached from the networking sites that could lead to many consequences like in the way they write, relationships, and lack of face to face interaction.
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