Effects Of Grade Inflation Essay

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The Effects of Grade Inflation
In the US, Grade inflation is now a common practice in many colleges and universities. According to the US News, it states “more than forty percent of the grades awarded were in the A range.” Although it is a serious problem, there got to be a way to fix it.
200 prestigious colleges and universities in the United States, who uses the grade inflation, provides a problem. Several of the main causes are desires of positive student evaluations for better school ranking and badly needed funding from tuitions contributed by high enrollments of students. Also, instructors can receive better evaluation from students in return if they inflated the student’s grades. Taking the chance of evaluating their instructors better, …show more content…

While many agree, practice of grade inflation is unfair because students who worked and studied less can still “earn” better grades. There is no way to tell the distinction between the mediocre individuals who do poorly and the successful individuals who put more effort to earn good grades truly. Therefore, the colleges and universities must have some rules in order to end grade inflation. More importantly, school should stop seeing education as a mere business and preserve what the word represents, …show more content…

Recording system put pressure on instructors and students that any attempt of grade inflation may be exposed later; this reminds them of consequences afterward. Request from students to get their grades revised should also be recorded gives a fair chance to those who would like to get their grades revised for due reasons. Likewise, this allows their voices to be heard later when school administrators reviewed the cases. With this system, schools can focus much in the grading system, to see how it can be improved in reflecting the true potential of students. Conjointly, state education official can review these cases, to ensure how fair grading between schools is now maintained.
Changes made by instructors or students would have them to consider seriously for the true reasons of grade revises before submitting one. Finally in the end, this gives a fair grading system for every instructors and college students should get an evaluation and the grades they deserve. It will be a clear distinction between students who succeed and those who do not. Teachers will do the right thing on raising students ' grades, and to preserve the core value of America education, and America will have a bright future with everyone 's

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