Effects Of British Rule In India

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The British rule in India caused many social, economic, and tradition changes, which still has rippling effect to this day. However, there are aspects of British involvement that helped India making this topic more delicate than a right and wrong choice. Also, many of the British actions came from good intensions, but without understanding the Indian society the British government actually caused more harm than progress. An example would be the education system in India that the British government tried to change to be more like the British system, but ended up ruining a system that had been working well in India. However, being a part of the British Empire allowed for India to be more global in a world that constantly became more global. The effects of the British rule is only worsened by the Islamic rule that preceded it. Both of these influences have…show more content…
These areas include Sindh, Multan, and Lahore. These areas had their local governments weakened by the over powering Islamic leadership. The local government was not necessarily fundamentally changed, but it was not the authority in the land it was the Islamic government. This allowed for India’s governments to start to weaken allow for them to be more susceptible to outside invasions, because a weak government is unlikely to have a strong military. Islamic conquest in India reached almost every area with the peak of the empire almost reaching all of the Indian subcontinent. This is an entire subcontinent that once was self-governing that, with invasion, became a proxy government for another empire. For instance, the Islamic conquerors built the Taj Mahal in India and it was not due to the Indian government, but due to the Islamic government. This weakened the Indian governments by not allowing them to be fully in charge and that helped the future European powers to imperialize
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