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Evaluation Overall, I feel that the objectives of the lesson was met as the children were able to sort the animals according to two different attributes and describe how they were sorted. This was achieved by asking the children questions to gauge their understanding and by scaffolding their learning as they attempted to sort the animals both individually and in small groups. The procedures of the lesson were quite clear and logical for the most part, the lesson went mostly according to plan, although some nerves on my part may have caused some minor changes. The children responded positively and enthusiastically to the lesson as well as participated actively during the sorting activity, answering questions throughout the lesson. I think that the activity was age appropriate as it was not too easy neither was it too difficult for the children to complete the tasks. The children seemed to be engaged in the activity and eager to participate, using the colourful handmade materials, as the activity was rather like a fun and interactive game. According to (Guha, 2002), play and language form the basis for learning about math in natural ways, and one great way to integrate math involves hands-on activities and problem-solving situations that pique your children's curiosity. There were also few interruptions throughout the lesson which helped ensure a smooth lesson flow. I also managed to keep the children disciplined and keep their volume down throughout the lesson, since it was conducted at nap time. However, there is definitely some room for improvement. During the storytelling session, some children seemed slightly disengaged, which was probably due to the length of story. I also made a mistake of asking the children a wrong quest... ... middle of paper ... ... field supervision after the term break. Given the chance to conduct the lesson again, I would definitely try to calm my nerves more so as to be able to remember my lesson plan better and think through my questions more clearly. I would also emphasize and remind the children of the rules at the start of my lesson to ensure a smoother lesson flow. Should I have had more time to prepare, I would have probably written a clearer and more specific lesson plan, created more effective and engaging materials and chose a more suitable storybook. All in all, I felt that this lesson implementation was a good experience for me, I learned a lot from last semesters practicum, and feel more comfortable teaching the children while being observed and am able to manage the class much better, although I am still quite nervous, which is something that I will continue to work on.

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