Effective Lesson Plan Essay

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In teaching, teachers do not just stand at the front of the classroom and teach just for the matter of delivering lesson. An effective teacher will always prepare for their class with an effective lesson plan that will help students increase their learning ability about a certain topic that is about to teach in class. However, there are strategies for an effective lesson plan which include learning outcomes. A Learning Outcomes are goals that describe how a student will be different because of a learning experience. More specifically, learning outcomes are the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that students take with them from a learning experience. In this research paper, I will identify the purpose of using learning outcomes…show more content…
According to University of Hawai’i Manoa, developing student learning outcomes “helps students learn more effectively and make clear what students should expect from their educational experience”. For example, it is very important that teachers must show, read out, or write the learning outcomes on the board at beginning of lesson so that student can always refer and look at it to expect what they are going to learn and gain from the lesson. Not only that but, with the help of the teachers and the guiding questions and activities will help the students achieve the lesson outcomes. According to Goucher College, writing a lesson outcome “increased student awareness of their own learning which give students a way to think and talk about what they have learned and make it easier for students to “know what they know” and give them a language to communicate what they know to others. For example, when teacher give questions and activities for students to do, it should be questions and activities that will facilitates students learning and help them met the outcomes. Therefore, lesson outcomes help students to acquire knowledge of the concept they are going to learn that day and work towards it with the…show more content…
When planning a lesson plan, lesson outcomes will help connect all strategies of a lesson plan so it can all meet and relate with the outcomes. For example, if a teacher is teaching Math about “Numbers” and his lesson outcome is that students will be able to count numbers from 1 to 50 correctly, that teacher is to use or come up with assessments, questions and activities that is connected with the outcomes which will help students know how to count 1 to 50 at the end of the lesson correctly. When everything is connected with the outcomes, the result of that will be an effective lesson that will help students become an effective
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