Effective Business Management Practices

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INTRODUCTION Personnel policies are directives in terms of policies, which the company formulates to effectively manage its workers. Ideally, the policy outlines the relationship between the employer and the employee. The rules, requirements and other benefits, which the workers accrue, depict the firms’ values and goals in business. A non- profit making business is one such value. The policies will stipulate the hours of work, vacations, and breaks during working time and most importantly, the amount of money the worker is entitled to per annum. The chain of command is a feature too. The personnel policies will cater for the safety and well-being of the worker therefore improving the productivity. An example of personnel policy will include work schedule, hiring procedures, staff orientation, compensation and benefits and payroll information, disciplinary action, grievance and separation, performance appraisal and other supplementary information. DISCUSSION The hiring procedure should, communicate (in detail) what the company will need as information and the procedure, which the company will use to advertise for any posts that are vacant. This will include for example the job description, content expected in the application, referees, legal requirements, interview and notification process and the terms of the contracts. Staff orientation will deal with helping the new staff to be familiarized with the company. The orientation should be both in written and communicated verbally to ensure that all the staff understand what is required of them. The presentation should be made and the employee each given a copy of the document. Questions after the presentation are very crucial and appropriate answers given with frequent refe... ... middle of paper ... ...ocedures helps in effective management of staff. In a non-profit making business it gives the staff avenues to get valuable information about the company which may be different slightly from the policies of other kinds of companies. REFERENCES Landskroner, R. A. (2001) The nonprofit manager's resource director. New York:John Wiley & Sons Inc. McElroy, K.(n. d)Personnel guide for non-profit organizations. Philadelphia: Philadelphia volunteer lawyers for the arts. Gills, J.(1993)Non-profit personnel policies manual. New York: Aspen publishers Habbartt, W. S(1993). Personnel policy handbook: How to develop a manual that works. New York: McGraw-Hill. Levesque, J. D(1993). Manual of personnel policies, procedures, and operations. New York: Prentice hall direct. Lawson, J. W. R(1998). How to develop a personnel policy manual. New York: Amacom Books
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