Communication Process Essay

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Communication is the process of transferring information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood by both sender and receiver. Since communication is an essential part of our daily routine of life, it is used to interact and understand each other by using either oral or written form of communication. Some of these include using communication to socially connect with people, make friends, discuss interests, compliment, share feelings, express an opinion, show humor, provide feedback, etc.Basically, we need communication at every partof our life.
Conveying information from one person to another is the main aim of communication. Therefore, ¬¬ In order to convey information, a communication process takes place which comes along with a lot of barriers during the passing of information from one person to another. Below is a diagram illustrating how the communication is being processed.

As mentioned in the diagram above, the communication process begins when the sender gets an idea and interprets the idea into various symbols and words which can be understood by the receiver. After it is being interpreted the idea then becomes a message and is being transmitted to the receiver. Finally, when the message reaches the receiver through a medium which could be either oral, email or written, the sender then receives a feedback after the receiver reacts to the message. Yet, there arebarriers which occur during the process of exchanging information from one person to another.
For instance, Ooredoo is a telecommunication industry which helps people to communicate with each other through technological means while at a distance. Although Internet and Telephone is the best example ...

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...rect in transferring information from one person to another.
Thirdly, self-referencing pronouns are common in oral communication, while in written communication, words can be chosen with greater thought and deliberation in order to communicate with others.
Another difference is that while using oral communication, we can’t go back and correct omissions and errors once after the words are being spoken. But, in written form of communication, we can write, re-write or even edit the information at a great length before sharing the information with others.
Lastly, talking using the spoken words to communicate with others is the medium for oral communication, whereas using written words to communicate with others is the medium used for written form of communication.
To sum up, in my opinion, Oral communication is the best medium to communicate with each other. For one,
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