Education Is The Most Priority For Most Nations

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Globally, education remains to be the most priority for most nations. Most of the countries spend many of their resources trying to avail equal opportunities to their people since the wealth of a country can only be achieved through having a good segment of the population being educated. Again it is only through education that the economies and social demands of a country can be gained. A country’s education system enables it to have the capacity to face both local and international demands and challenges as well (Murphy, 2010). Normally, it is good to review the education systems of other countries since this enables the country to know what the education system in one country looks alike and the possible improvements required. The paper discusses the major differences and similarities emerging from the education system both in United States (US) and Saudi Arabia.
Education has been taken as the backbone in both countries. Therefore, the government in the two countries has much invested in this sector. There are several ways in which the governments support the education system, such as offering them with grants loans. The general education system of both girls and boys is normally fully financed by the governments, and this, therefore, increases the awareness as well as spreading the importance of education to more and more people (Murphy, 2010). Also, both governments support the post-secondary education through helping the students financially and other basic requirements, such as books, transportation as well as meals. In both cases, the students have the freedom to choose which school to attend, i.e. private, public, or even home school. Most of the parents in both countries opt to take their children to public schools...

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...r Christian as well.
Due to the demanding rate of boy-child education, the education system in Saud Arabia is sex segregated and, therefore, offers education for boys differently from that of girls. This situation is not found in the US since both boys and girls have equal considerations and, therefore, deserve equal opportunities (King, 2004).
In conclusion, history, social, economic and cultural activities of the US and Saudi Arabia countries is the major cause of the differences in the education systems while the similarities emerge due to the anxiety to have a quality, accessible, free and open education to all persons in both countries. Education encourages all the individuals to make contributions to enable the country to be able to cope with the local and international demands thus enabling the country to develop and improve the education system of a country.

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