Education In Education Essay

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In the United Sates, the education systems priority level is continuously decreasing. As this major issue goes on to decreases in value, the economy is directly effected as well; the economy will go downhill and will linger backwards in development (Campante). Education is one of the most significant factors in developing a country yet it keeps getting over looked in the United States. This topic is important to me because I am going to school to be a teacher, and the education system keeps losing importance. The future of America will be directly affected by how we educate America’s children today.

As an entirety, Americans seem to believe that education is more critical than ever but no proof of that is being shown. Almost every state in America is facing a similar situation, such as state budget cuts, lowered salaries, laid-off employees, and significantly reduced enrollments. State education governance using the three dimensions of political, administrative, and fiscal centralization states that the state constitutions empower all states to establish and maintain free systems...

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