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The American higher education system has always been deemed as the best in the world. Statistics consistently show that most Nobel winners received higher education in America and a majority of international students choose America as their dream county to study abroad. The standard of higher education in America is unique and unparalleled in many ways. However, it’s always hard to live up to a great reputation. The system suffers from deficits in many respects. For example, some scholars question the effectiveness of teaching and learning as the quality of graduated students is hardly satisfactory; also, the increase of cost and tuition is skyrocketing, which puts a huge burden on students and their parents; Therefore, accountability of higher education is doubted by a variety of individuals and groups. This research paper will better explore the American higher education through the following aspects: History: The higher education system was established for religious purpose at first. In colonial times, the primary function of higher education was to produce Puritan ministers and clergy. The increasing focus on secular education, as proposed by Thomas Jefferson who believed in educating the public and citizens, is crucial for the sake of democracy and building a skilled workplace. Later, Morrill Land-Gran was enacted and most of the universities we saw today had their origins in the Morrill Act. ① Before 1965, higher education institutions were mostly populated by white males from upper and middle families. Blacks and other minorities were prohibited from attending colleges due to the prevailing discrimination attitude. Women, unfortunately, also had limited access to higher education because of their lower social statu... ... middle of paper ... ...centuries. However, it has to be noticed that the system is facing some unneglectable issues as this paper discussed above. The government and school authorities ought to spare no effort to better reform and regulate the existing issues: lower the costs and tuitions of colleges and universities while still retaining the high and rigorous standard of teaching and learning; improve the management of enrollment to remain the prestigious reputation of universities. On the other hand, instead of doubting higher education, young people should always have the faith to trust the value of higher education and continue to improve their abilities to contribute to society and higher education. Although the society will continue to change in an unforeseeable way, government and individuals’ passion and enthusiasm for establishing a better higher education system will never stop.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the american higher education system has always been regarded as the best in the world. however, the system suffers from deficits in many respects.
  • Explains that the higher education system was established for religious purposes in colonial times. the focus on secular education, proposed by thomas jefferson, is crucial for democracy and building a skilled workplace.
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