Disparities In Education Essay

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1288 words

Education is a concept that is synonymous with anyone one that is living a good life. It is believed that in order to live a prosperous life that members of this society must first obtain a good college education. But how can education be considered a founding block of success when only the privileged enjoy the benefit of a proper education? A large percentage of undocumented immigrants arrive to this country because they want their kids to be able to attend a good school and receive a proper education but that is not always the case. Undocumented people arrive to this country with no money; therefore they are forced to live in low-income communities. As we have discussed in class, the schools in neighborhoods with low economic status are not as good …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that education is synonymous with living a good life, but how can education be considered success when only the privileged enjoy the benefit of education?
  • Opines that it is critically important for kids to receive proper education as early as possible. the inner-city education system deserves more attention and improvement.
  • Argues that it is wrong to assume that a high school student in south central won't achieve as much in life as one that lives in westwood.
  • Opines that the no child left behind act has leveled the playing field for children that go to low-income schools.
  • Opines that the simplest way to fight the inequality in education is to win the lottery, but people are left with no choice than to send their kids to a school around their neighborhood.

I grew up in a bad neighborhood; therefore I have witness the severity of how bad the LAUSD School system is. My experience in the LAUSD system is the main reason why I am choosing to write about the disparities in education.
Speaking from personal experience, for the most my part high school did a poor job in preparing me to be successful in college. The habits of a good student are developed at an early stage, which is why it is critically important for kids to receive proper education as early as possible. Obtaining a college degree is something that most parents wish for their children but it can sometimes be an obstacle for someone that did not receive a proper education from a young age. I grew up in South Central and I must admit that for the most part my education was exceptional from first to seventh grade due to me attending magnets schools. But in eighth grade I attended a LAUSD middle school

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