Negative Effects of Budget Cuts in Education

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All throughout the United States for the past several years, states are “hurting because of falling state revenues,” (Emeagwali), and schools are trying to cope with tremendous budget cuts that are resulting in less funds provided for educational services. These cuts are putting pressure on everyone invested in the education system, including students, teachers and any other administration within them (qtd. in Johnson 2), and the reduced budget is not solely affecting any particular level of schooling either. All levels of education, ranging from primary learning to advanced, have been affected (Emeagwali). Additionally, it is not just one or two states having to adjust their budgets; by 2002, “at least 40 states [had] been forced to consider budget cuts,” and these cuts have taken their toll on the amount of funding designated towards educational opportunities (Feldman). As pressures hit hard on state governments, a rise in educational budget cuts has resulted in deleterious effects on the level of education provided to students. As a result, researchers and infuriated teachers and parents have begun supporting education as it is ignored by government administration. Budget cuts are continuously present and affect the way state governments are able to manage their funds. Researcher Michael A. Rebell has found, “‘A survey of forty-six states with available data indicated that… thirty-seven are spending less on education in 2011-2012 than they did last year, thirty are spending less than they did in 2008, and half of them have cut funding by more than ten percent since the 2008 recession’” (Rebell, “Safeguarding the Right” 1859). In all states, budget cuts are resulting in a reduction in the quantity of resources, educat... ... middle of paper ... ...s still the shame of the city. Could affluent families who love a revived New York be the force that reclaims the schools?." Contemporary Women's Issues Database. 01 Jun. 2002: 22(8). eLibrary. Web. 06 Jan. 2014. Oliff, Phil, Chris Mai, and Vincent Palachios. "States Continue to Feel Recession's Imact." Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Matrix Group International, Inc., 27 June 2012. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. . Ramírez, Eddy. "Budget Cuts Hit The Classrooms." U.S. News & World Report 145.10 (2008): 68. MAS Complete. Web. 15 Dec. 2013. Rebell, Michael A. “Safeguarding The Right To A Sound Basic Education In Times Of Fiscal Constraint.” Albany Law Review 75.4 (2012). 1855-1976. Academic Search Complete. Web. 11 Dec. 2013. --. "The Recession--And Students' Rights." Educational Leadership 69.4 (2011): 12. MAS Complete. Web. 15 Dec. 2013.
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