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The Eaton Corporation is a corporation committed to implementing and advancing the technology they use throughout the companies four-business segments Automotive, Fluid Power, Electrical, and Truck. However Eaton isn’t solely committed to the advancement and implementation of technology in the products they design and create, Eaton also works to implement technology in their everyday business practices such as Production, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resources. Production is a large part of the Eaton Corporation, “Eaton is a global leader in fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and aircraft equipment; electrical systems and components for power quality, distribution and control; automotive engine air management systems, power train solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy and safety; and intelligent truck drive train systems for safety and fuel economy.” With Eaton’s broad range of products efficiency in the production process is extremely important to Eaton. To maximize efficiency in the production process Eaton uses the Eaton Lean Six System this system helps allow Eaton increase the performance of the company by eliminating waste, simplifying processes, reduce cycle times, and more effectively deploy resources to it’s business segments all of which work to help Eaton increase their profits. Another system Eaton uses is known as PROLaunch, this system allows Eaton to speed of the production process of its products. PROLaunch guides Eaton’s production of new products from concept to completion using a, “set of integrated processes” to help speed up the development process of Eaton’s new products. Eaton also uses technology in their approach to Sales and Marketing. Eaton has to approach Sales on an incredibly large scale, with Eaton’s sales in 2004 topping $9.8 Billion and the company selling their products to customers in over 125 countries Eaton has developed a very successful Sales strategy. By using technology such as the Internet Eaton’s vast line of products are constantly available to any potential buyers. Using the companies website the Eaton Co. allows it’s potential customers to view and access information about all of Eaton’s products and also allows those customers to make inquiries to the division of Eaton that produces those products. Eaton also uses it’s website to allow customers the opportunity of E-Business transactions giving it’s customers nearly instantaneous access to purchase products from Eaton rather than having buy the product from an Eaton supplier. Eaton also uses it’s website to help in the Marketing of their products and services.
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