Boston Beer Company : Business Analysis

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The Boston Beer Company is able to obtain relatively low-cost funds for their working capital and expenditures. The company is constantly in search of the lowest cost items without suffering the quality of their products. The company has thrived and has been able to expand to become successful due to their ability to achieve this. The company has a very good information systems support in being able to make strategic and routine decisions. They research and look into every available option prior to committing to purchasing or contracting with the companies in making sure that they are able to make the best quality product at the lowest costs. Relationships with interest groups and the public policy makers has been one of the many things that the Boston Beer Company has strived to maintain and expand. The company realizes that these relationships are critical for the future success of the company. Being in the brewing industry the policies and publics opinion can influence the changes in future policies and procedures that would affect the industry. Developing and maintaining the relationships with the interest groups as well as the policy makers could prove to be very beneficial to not only the company but the brewing industry as a whole. Boston Beer Company’s corporate citizenship and public image is one of the things that the company has been very successful at doing. The company has introduced several more environmentally friendly procedures and also tries to recycle as much as they can. They reuse bottles; crates and whatever else they can to not only save the company money but to help the environment. The company has also helped in creating and retaining approximately 300 jobs through the Samuel Adams Brewing ... ... middle of paper ... ... them. The expansion into other areas in the world is something that the company is constantly considering. Expanding their advertising and marketing to reach those individuals in the United States that have not “experienced” the craft beer industry is a constant tactic the company considers. There are also potential environmental threats that the company realizes and considers while making their business decisions. Boston Beer uses a quality strategic planning system in order to achieve their corporate objectives. They have a good system in place that they use when considering the future decisions of the company. They utilize this system each time that they decide if they are going to introduce a new product into the market. This is one of the reasons that their hard cider was able to become the number one cider in the United States in only eight months.
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