Early Childhood Education Essay

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Each year education becomes more and more important in the United States. With the demand of a formal education people each day choose a career path in order to get a good employment. (Formal education is classroom-based, provided by trained teachers.) Many Americans believe that education is the only path to getting a rewarding job in which they would be able to live a comfortable life. But other believe that being employed is not as important as having an education because that makes them different from other people and makes them wiser in life. There are many careers that are very important in America, but one of the most important career is “Early Childhood Education” because it is where the foundation of a child is set to help them become …show more content…

It is unclear of who started the concept but it is believed by many that it was started in Europe and eventually it was brought to America. It began to develop during the industrial revolution when many women were introduced onto the labor force. But it was not considered an essential step to the education of a child only after the end of “world war two”. In the beginning there was little education needed for a teacher to begin teaching children. Since education was so hard to get in the early stages of America only the people that had the resources and that were allowed where the only ones getting some type of education and from that they decided to share what they learned and become teachers. As the program began to develop it was determined that the teachers needed to get higher education and with that they began to prepare themselves. Today early childhood education is a field where people go to college and prepare themselves academically to get a degree and license to be allowed to teach young children. While in college student go through different internships to make them understand their role as a teacher and how important it is for them to learn what is is to become a good teacher. There are people who cannot go to college so they undergo online courses in which they don’t have to physically be in a college to get their degree which sometimes makes it easier for students that have responsibilities but they still would like to further their education and become

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